Do you own or manage a retail store? We’d love to hear from you! Our company, Bold Endeavors LLC, owns and operates two brands: boldSOCKS and Statement Sockwear. Both brands are available for wholesale.

Please e-mail support@boldsocks.com for more information.

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Statement Sockwear

Statement Sockwear Colorful Socks Wholesale Opportunities

Statement Sockwear makes a statement in quality, colors, patterns and, most importantly, makes a difference in this world with every single purchase. Through our partnership with 20 Liters, every pair of Statement Sockwear sold provides 100 days of clean drinking water for 1 person in Africa.


boldSOCKS Solid Color Socks Wholesale Opportunities

Manufactured with the highest quality combed cotton, boldSOCKS solid colors provide a comfortable dress sock in a variety of bold, trendy colors. These socks are available nationwide in select tuxedo shops and pair perfectly with most wedding swatches.