Welcome to the new boldSOCKS

On behalf of the boldSOCKS team, welcome to our bold new site.

For the past year, we have been gathering feedback, compiling data, and researching technological improvements with the hopes of providing you with the best possible experience.

We believe visiting a website is about a lot more than just purchasing a product. As sites like Amazon and EBay continue to grow and dictate the online market, we wish to take a step back and embrace the reason we started boldSOCKS.com in the first place.

Over 4 years ago, two friends (co-founders Ryan Preisner and Adam Whitmore) competed to wear the boldest socks to work. Every day, the excitement of the two, and those around them, grew with the suspense of what patterns and colors would be next. Curiosity had them pulling up their pant legs often as a community of others began embracing the movement and even showing off their own bold socks.

The camaraderie that formed was not an isolated experience. People all over the world have been pulling up the hem of their pants to reveal the boldest shapes, icons and hues intricately knit into every colorful dress sock.

For this fundamental purpose, we created a store that serves as a central location for other boldly fashionable individuals to buy the top socks from the top brands around the world.

But it doesn’t start when you navigate to our site or stop when you purchase a pair of socks. The shared experience happens every time a unique pair of socks gets pulled from a sock drawer to add style and flair to an outfit.

And because seeing others dressing their feet in fun, uniquely expressive socks reminds us of the reason we started this business, we invite those that buy socks from our site to share their passion and photos with others.

We provide a $5 gift certificate if you share a photo to one of our social media channels and a $15 gift certificate if it is chosen as a featured Wear & Share image on our home page. It is our way of saying thank you for making bold socks about more than just an e-commerce site.