Women's floral socks bring the garden to your feet! These bold socks are blossoming with leaves, trees, and flowers. You may have a green thumb, but now you can have green (or blue, or yellow, or orange, or red) toes! at boldSOCKS, our women's floral socks feature great designs partnered with bold, fun colors. Find flora in purple, green, orange, yellow, red, and pink colors. Our floral sock collection is blooming with roses, palm branches, leaves, daisies, hawaiian, and wild flowers! Find them all in different heights too, like no-show, ankle, standard dress, and knee high socks. If you're looking for colorful, fun floral patterns on comfortable socks, you're in the right place! Let your sock drawer blossom by filling it with women's floral dress socks.

Women’s Floral & Flowers Dress Socks