Example of Women's Ballonet Socks from boldSOCKS


Manufactured in Turkey and known for bright colors and geometric designs, Ballonet’s socks offer unique styles hard to find elsewhere. using only the highest-quality cotton, Ballonet's amazing socks have funky designs like striped, polka dot and checkered, with more wild designs using triangles, circles, and other cool patterns. You'll certainly be noticed wearing a pair of these socks featuring red, yellow, blue, orange, navy, and pink colors. Not a fan of the standard dress sock length? No problem. Ballonet also has no-show and ankle socks for your perusal. Be warned, though: these Ballonet socks are not for the faint of feet. Bold, bright socks are Ballonet's calling card, so be ready to be noticed when wearing a pair of these!

Women’s Ballonet Socks