Our men's red socks come in a spectrum of hues from valentina to burgundy socks. No matter the shade, they're all sure to be bold and turn heads. Looking for a splash of bright color? Opt for a vibrant shade of cherry or valentina. Itching for something classier? Burgundy, maroon, or wine is the choice for you. Add some pep to your step with red! Tone down those bold red hues by pairing it with other complementary colors, such as red and navy, red and black, red and yellow, or red and blue. Still not convinced? Choose from a variety of funky patterns, like optical, polka dot, argyle, and novelty. Tall dress socks not your thing? No problem. We have red socks in heights like no-show and ankle. Make a statement with our men's red socks!

Red Socks – Men’s Dress Socks