Junk Foodie Women’s Ankle Sock 6 Pairs - K. Bell Socks

SKU: 25423
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Junk Foodie Women’s Ankle Sock 6 Pairs - K. Bell Socks

SKU: 25423
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69% Acrylic, 3% Spandex, 28% Polyester

A common synthetic material, acrylic is a soft, lightfast fiber, meaning that color won't fade over many washes.


Ankle - Just above the ankle

Don't like your socks reaching up your calf, but want to avoid those blisters? This is the perfect height for you.


Standard - Everyday, average thickness

You've got endless choices in this thickness. These socks are comfortable, not too bulky, and high quality.

Bold Factor:

Boldest - Fearlessly blazing trails

Go nuts! These socks are the boldest of the bold and are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.




Brand: K. Bell Socks - built a reputation for great designs and high quality socks.

Based in Los Angeles, K. Bell creates fun, fashionable socks with signature K. Bell charm and appeal for men, women and children.

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