Ivory Year Mama Established Custom Date Socks – Women’s Custom Socks - Statement Sockwear

SKU: 26323
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Ivory Year Mama Established Custom Date Socks – Women’s Custom Socks - Statement Sockwear

SKU: 26323
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Celebrate motherhood with these Ivory Custom Year Mama Established Women's Custom Socks. Perfect for a mom-to-be baby shower gift, a baby announcement gift, or gift for mom just because. Looking for a Mother's Day gift for an already-established mom? You can customize the year to make the perfect, special, personalized socks, sentimental gift for moms anywhere. They'll love showing off their cute socks and their even cuter baby.

This item requires 1-3 business days to custom print your socks (may take longer for large orders).

Learn more about the different types of custom socks and how to shop for the best custom socks in our helpful guide.

Custom Socks Guide

Brand: Statement Sockwear

These fun socks are a part of our Statement Sockwear collection - an exclusive boldSOCKS brand. The goal of this collection is to generate sustainable funding by inviting our customers to purchase socks that help provide clean water. Each pair of socks provides 100 days of clean water for an individual in Africa. Each sock is also produced through a vertically-integrated supply chain, ensuring that through each step of the process, the people creating these socks are treated with dignity and respect and are fairly compensated for their work. Thank you for choosing socks that make a statement and a difference.
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Statement Sockwear is built on three concepts: great designs, ethical manufacturing, and providing clean water with every purchase.

Sock Details


63% Polyester, 28% Nylon, 7% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Polyester is a common synthetic material known for its durability and stain-resistance, as well as its resistance to shrinking.


Dress Socks - Stretches from low- to mid-calf

The classic dress sock. These are your everyday, not-too-high-but-not-too-short socks. Make sure you show them off!


Standard Socks - Everyday, average thickness

You've got endless choices in this thickness. These socks are comfortable, not too bulky, and high quality.

Bold Factor:

Boldest - Fearlessly blazing trails

Go nuts! These socks are the boldest of the bold and are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.



Statement Sockwear Ethical Manufacturing & Clean Water Initiative Infographic

Bold Criteria Scorecard

We vet each item on this site based on three main criteria to bring transparency to you and boldly blaze a trail of positive change with each purchase.

impact score: 5 of 6.
Socialicon Social (3.0/3.0)
  • Sustainable Funding for a Social Cause
    Every purchase helps provide 100 days of clean water for someone in Africa through a partnership with 20 Liters
Environmentalicon Environmental (2.0/3.0)
  • Use of Renewable/Recycled Materials
    Standard packaging tags use 100% recycled paperboard (excludes custom sleeves)
  • Compliance with All Local Environmental Rules, Regulations and Standards
quality score: 6 of 6.
Designicon Design (3.0/3.0)
  • Fun, One-of-a-Kind Designs
  • An Exclusive boldSOCKS Brand
  • Designed in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Small Batch Runs with Limited Quantities Available
Featuresicon Features (3.0/3.0)
  • Premium Materials
    Manufactured with high quality combed cotton from the USA and Colombia
  • Unique Quality Attributes
    Reinforced heel and toe to increase product lifespan
ethics score: 6 of 6.
Factory Employee Careicon Factory Employee Care (3.0/3.0)
  • Platinum Rating in Human Resources
    Including benefits like subsidized food and nutrition programs, education loans and scholarships for families, on-site health care visits for less than $2 and 100% pay for an extended maternity leave
  • Free of All Child and Forced labor
  • Free of Discrimination, Harassment and Corporal Punishment
  • Fair Wages for Employees
Factory Conditionsicon Factory Conditions (3.0/3.0)
  • Verified Safe, Clean, Healthy and Productive Workplace
  • Compliance with All Local Laws Across Entire Vertically-Integrated Supply Chain
  • On-Site Wellness programs and Equipment
    Including on-site workout equipment, fitness classes, kids programs, sports tournaments, break rooms, and exotic bird exhibit
  • Yearly Factory Audits

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Anonymous User

I love the product. I prefer the OTC however I'm not obese but I have genetically. big legs and my calves measure 18 1/2 - 19 1/2 after workout so can the product be made to fit us guys who sport big legs?

March 11, 2021

Anonymous User

I have to wear over the calf socks to keep them from sliding down to gather around my ankles but I can't stand the thin "dress" socks that seem to be the most common. I had found another brand that was thicker but length was inconsistent some only making it to mid calf. My first purchase from BoldSocks was four pair and I am very impressed. All of them easily slide up over the calf and are even thicker then those from the other company. I'm going to order another 10-12 pair today!

December 22, 2020

Anonymous User

I contacted BoldSocks to see what they'd have to match my wedding colors and they responded right away with the perfect suggestion! I ordered right away and they arrived SO quickly with a handwritten thank you. The socks are perfect and soft; can't wait to put them to use!

August 10, 2020

Anonymous User

I ordered these socks for my sons wedding. I wasn’t sure what to expect ordering online but I have to say I am so impressed. The quality is amazing. He will be so pleased as I am giving these to him and his bridal party as a surprise. Thank you bold socks.

August 08, 2019

Anonymous User

I have purchased a number of pairs of socks from your company for my husband. We absolutely love boldSOCKS. We like the colors, patterns, variety and most of all the quality of the product. These socks last forever and ever and ever. My husband wears them everyday. The only problem I can see from your stand point is that because the quality is so good, I don't have to buy as many pairs. lol. That being said, you are the only company I will order socks from. I don't even buy them in the stores anymore. Keep up the great work. Love the socks and will / have recommended your company to many other people.

August 05, 2019

Anonymous User

I wanted to thank you for the very kind and personalized note that came with our socks! The quality of the socks is even better than I expected! The delivery was fast and we will be ordering from your site again in the very near future. We purchased these socks for our goofball Dad (my husband) and I have no doubt he will love them! Thank you, again, for the excellent service, the quality product, and wonderful wishes into this new year!

August 01, 2019

Anonymous User

Exactly the way online shopping should be. And delivery was impresive. The water program is a plus too. Ill deffinately use them again.

July 27, 2019

Anonymous User

They contacted me with a question about the picture to make sure it was ok to use. I appreciate that they were concerned about the way the picture was going to look. The socks turned out great!!

July 27, 2019

Anonymous User

Ordering through them was super easy and their socks are so affordable. It's also helps provide water for those in need. What's not to like?

July 08, 2019

Anonymous User

Hi. Love the selection. Lots of cool/whimsical socks to choose from. Great service as usual. Thank you. David Charles

July 05, 2019

Anonymous User

Easy viewing and shopping. Fast delivery.

June 24, 2019

Anonymous User

This is the 2nd year in a row that my dad has asked for "bold" dress socks for Father's Day. After the success I had with my order last year, I knew that I had to order from boldSOCKS.com again this year. So far he's loved every pair (15 pairs and counting)!

June 23, 2019

Anonymous User

I love the selection of socks, how quick the my order always arrives, and the personal thank you note that comes with every order.

June 22, 2019

Anonymous User

My husband I looked on boldsocks.com because we wanted that men in our bridal party for our 15th wedding anniversary vow renewal to wear socks that were fun but my husband wanted to make sure he liked them before we bought them all so we looked for some difference socks that were of the same name brand we found some that he really liked he is very much into camping and we found Camping Argyle socks in the right brand and about 10 others that he really liked so we bought 3 different pairs the only problem was when we got them one pair was not the size it was supposed to be so I now have to return them and get the right size but over all we really liked boldsocks.com and will definitely be buying more socks from them in the future.

June 20, 2019

Anonymous User

I needed help. You immediately responded with you phone number and availability. Socks arrived very quickly.

June 17, 2019

Anonymous User

My brothers love these socks, like a contest of who can wear the craziest, loudest, most eye-catching. There's never a loser.

June 09, 2019

Anonymous User

Love boldSOCKS this is a great company with great products

June 01, 2019

Anonymous User

Love the socks and love the company. Keep up the good work!

May 19, 2019

Anonymous User

Intuitive website - fair rewards - reasonable delivery times - good sale prices (on good product) - excellent customer service (I love the hand-written "thank-you" when the delivery arrives!)

May 13, 2019

Anonymous User

I buy two pairs of socks for one of my grandsons each month as part of his Christmas gift. He loves the socks and wears only the ones I send. Despite the multiple washings, they are holding up perfectly. Size and color have not changed. Everyone is happy!

April 28, 2019

Anonymous User

What a fun company - and one that cares. It is really important to me that the company is helping provide clean drinking water in Africa. Meanwhile, everyone wants to know where I got these cool socks!

April 27, 2019

Anonymous User

The customer service was awesome above and beyond and the products are so adorable. Also you receive items came in a timely manner

April 26, 2019

Anonymous User

The socks were beautiful and the person I spoke with was very nice and helpful.

April 07, 2019

Anonymous User

Wonderful experience!!! They shipped them immediately and we love the socks!

April 06, 2019

Anonymous User

Boldsocks immediately answered the question I had and resolved the problem quickly. I'm impressed.

March 30, 2019

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