Grey Polka Dot Men’s No-Show Socks - Unsimply Stitched

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Grey Polka Dot Men’s No-Show Socks - Unsimply Stitched

SKU: 21945
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80% Combed Cotton, 3% Spandex, 17% Polyester

Combed cotton is the industry standard for comfort and quality. As a refined cotton product, it improves on an already high-quality product by combing out imperfections.


No Show - Hidden beneath shoe

Socks should always be worn, but sometimes you need to let the ankle breathe! That's what this height is for -- don't sweat it!


Thin - Lightweight material blend

Got sweaty feet? These lightweight, thin socks will let your soles breath while keeping them comfortable and stylish.

Bold Factor:

Bolder - Courageously fashionable

Stock up on this style to keep your fashion sense moving forward. Your sock drawer will thank you for the make-over.


Grey, Multi-color


Brand: Unsimply Stitched - classic designs in comfortable and high quality fabrics.

Classic and trendy simply describe the sock brand Unsimply Stitched. Their socks are fun, creative, and have styles to match your sock desires.

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