Green Multi Lucky Charms Men’s Casual Socks - Odd Sox

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Green Multi Lucky Charms Men’s Casual Socks - Odd Sox

SKU: 25071
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85% Cotton, 15% Spandex

The most commonly-used natural fiber used today, cotton is a breathable, soft textile that is both comfortable and durable.


Dress - Stretches from low- to mid-calf

The classic dress sock. These are your everyday, not-too-high-but-not-too-short socks. Make sure you show them off!


Standard - Everyday, average thickness

You've got endless choices in this thickness. These socks are comfortable, not too bulky, and high quality.

Bold Factor:

Boldest - Fearlessly blazing trails

Go nuts! These socks are the boldest of the bold and are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.


Multi-color, Green


Brand: Odd Sox - a premier licensed sock company, they've got everything from Corn Pops to TMNT.

Odd Sox thrives in entertainment. With licensing with everyone from Kellogg's to the WWE, if you're looking for a unique character, they've got you covered.

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