Our Mission

Learn About Our Mission at boldSOCKS

Our Bold Commitment

At boldSOCKS, our fundamental mission is to live boldly: to express creativity and inspiration by getting feet in the boldest of colorful socks, to generously contribute to charitable causes, and to provide distinctive, quality socks, manufactured to last.

We first started boldSOCKS.com in 2011 with the goal of giving customers, like ourselves, the opportunity to buy all the best dress socks in one location online. At the time, it was no more than a hobby. We wanted to share in the joy of wearing bold, colorful socks. As time went on, we learned a lot from our customers and about ourselves. Most importantly, we learned the value of partnering with customers to make a difference in the world.

Our first brand, Statement Sockwear, launched in 2014 with the hopes of providing sustainable funding for one of the world's greatest crises of our time: access to clean water. It was a big dream to make even a small dent, but over time the contributions, along with the brand continue to grow. We are happy to participate in forever changing global statistics like this: in 2014, 1 in 8 people lacked access to clean drinking water, and now, it is 1 in 10 people. This is worth celebrating and worth the effort to keep moving forward. Everyone deserves access to clean drinking water. Learn more about our Statement Sockwear story here.

Everyone also deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Globalization continues to change commerce, and more specifically for us, the fashion industry. What started as a promising idea turned into a nightmare new reality that needs to be navigated with open eyes and intentionality. Fast fashion demands cheap goods fast and often overlooks how these goods are manufactured. With launching our own brands, we felt it was paramount to find the right supplier. We found a vertically integrated manufacturer in Colombia that aligns closely with many of the same values we aspire to (see below). We know we are paying more for the socks, but to find a partner that develops high quality, ethically made socks is, in our opinion, worth the investment.

Our site continues to evolve and along with it, the brands that we carry. Over the next few years, it is our hope to continue to expand our own brands and only partner with the brands that align with our mission. We hope that you, our customer, will continue to support this vision the way you have since starting in 2011.

Our Values

Values guide our decisions and our actions so while we love the humor and lightheartedness of our socks and company, we do take our values seriously.

We hope to...

  • Create and sell the best socks on the planet
  • Provide hope and sustainable funding to organizations making a difference in this world
  • Deliver a boutique shopping experience by helping and connecting with customers
  • Never sacrifice quality for profit or margin
  • To participate in God's redemptive work by
    • Treating others with dignity and respect
    • Being good stewards of our time and our resources
    • Creating more goodness than destruction in this world
  • Have fun and never wear boring socks again