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The Best Novelty Socks

Finding the Right Socks for You

Novelty Sock Guide - A Brief History

Determining the Best Novelty Socks

Everyone has an opinion about their favorite novelty socks. When we polled our staff about which novelty socks they love most, we didn’t get the same answers twice.

Perhaps, the variances in style preferences is one of the reasons we love novelty socks so much now. Some people just want to be bold and have a pair of socks that hints at something they love like hunting, photography, fishing, cooking, coding, or music. Others want to say something bolder with their socks like the We Can Chew It or I Want Bamboo Propapanda Socks that play on past propaganda or political movements.

Novelty Sock Guide - The Best Novelty Socks

The Funniest Socks

We personally love the bolder varieties of pun jokes. If you haven’t checked out some of our best puns, here is a list of 10 dad jokes that you might have missed:

1. Bear Naked Novelty Socks

The bear is standing in the woods with just a pair of socks on covering his private parts. Bear it all in these wild socks, featuring a bashful bear who went for a walk in the woods bear naked. These novelty socks are your answer when you want to wear fun socks and get a laugh out of people. 

2. ChinChillin’ Chinchilla Novelty Socks

The chinchilla is kicking his/her legs back enjoying a nice cocktail by the beach. For all the very chill times in your life, these cool novelty socks will exceed all your expectations of creating fun and excitement everywhere you go.

3. Two Can Toucan Novelty Socks

Bright colorful socks with a play on the word toucan for all your friends that love to double fist their drinks. Dress socks for the party accelerator, these fun novelty socks will happily go anywhere and bring the fun.

4. Walking Taco Novelty Socks

There are taco socks and there are walking taco socks. It is hard to beat a sock with a taco walking around your leg.  These novelty socks have your favorite snack come to life, but don't let him walk too far away from you!

5. The So-Fish-Ticated Fish Novelty Socks

Take every stereotype you can think of in a dapper person and throw them on a fish. This fish would have been a hit in the Roaring 20’s. These fun novelty socks are sure to add a quirky element to any outfit whether you’re spending the day on water or land.

6. Elephant in the Room Novelty Socks

You get it, right? A large elephant actually sitting in a small living room. These novelty socks are perfect for those awkward moments that you just need to call something out.

7. Moo-ve Over Cow Novelty Socks

Take cow tipping and add a layer of pun humor and you have our moove over sock. Complete with some cool cows to make these fun socks even more fun, these novelty socks say exactly what you don't often have the guts to say: Moove Over.

8. Otterly in Love Novelty Socks

At first glance, you might miss it but these two otters form a heart shape in the water as they float in monogamous harmony. Did you know otters sometimes hold hands while floating and sleeping so they don’t drift apart? These novelty socks are so awesome.

9. Quacking Me Up Duck Socks

Big feet. Quack noises. What’s not to love about a silly duck (besides the fact that they can sometimes be a bit mean)? These fun novelty socks are perfect for the funniest person you know (even if that's yourself).

10. Pool Shark Novelty Socks

In life, never make a bet against a pool shark. In socks, bet all day on having the coolest shark socks around. Wear these fun novelty socks when you go to shoot a game of pool and watch as you become the top shark at the table.

As you can see, we have a ton of different types of novelty socks in our knit varieties, but we are also growing our novelty collection of printed socks as well. Check out our custom sock page to make a novelty gift even more personalized by adding text, colors or faces to socks.