Novelty Socks Guide

Frequently Asked Question

What You Need to Know About Novelty Socks

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What are novelty socks?

Novelty socks are fun socks that incorporate a little bit of wild, crazy, funky or even funny that make them unique and iconic. Different from patterned socks that are typically geometric shapes repeated throughout the sock, novelty socks typically feature items like food, animals, games, musical instruments, mythical creatures, hobbies, holidays, pop-culture, and sports or provide a funny pun or joke.

Are novelty socks comfortable?

In short, yes. Novelty socks are typically more complex meaning there are more cuts in the yarn that make up the design. If you turn a novelty sock inside out, assuming it is made up of primarily cotton and not nylon, you will see the cotton yarn where the design changed horizontally from one color to another. These threads create a nice soft (and sometime fuzzy) feel on the inside of the sock. With more cuts and interruptions in the sock, however, the less stretchy the sock is, so if you have larger calves or ankles, you might not feel like complex novelty socks are as comfortable as simple patterns like stripes or polka dots.

What are the differences between novelty socks and regular socks?

It depends on what you define as regular socks, but for the sake of answering the question, we will assume regular socks are socks without a pattern or design. With that assumption, novelty socks are essentially the antithesis of regular socks. Novelty socks are fun, vibrant and sometimes even funny. Regular socks are boring, bland and usually unimaginative. We sell novelty socks, not regular socks.

Can novelty socks be worn as dress socks?

Perhaps we are biased, but yes, absolutely, wear novelty socks however you choose. We rate our socks on a bold, bolder, boldest scale. If you are at boldSOCKS, we believe you want to stand out and express yourself and it is more a question of how bold do you want to be. If bold is your style, we have sophisticated novelty socks that look classy and will impress even the dapperest audiences. If boldest is your style, we have novelty socks that will blow the roof off of the status quo.

What are the best novelty socks?

Great question. Here are a list of our favorites, but we'd love to hear yours. Send us a note at with your top 5 or top 10 and we will consider featuring you and your list in a future post.

Should I get novelty socks for my groomsman/wedding party?

Depends on your style, but yes, of course novelty socks are a great option for your groomsmen/wedding party. We typically see two styles of groomsmen socks: coordinated patterns and colors or wild novelty that match the each groomsman's personality. We also now have a third option with our custom face socks that make groomsmen socks especially individualized.

Do women wear novelty socks?

Yes. Read our "A Case for Women's Sock" post to see five reasons why women wearing socks, especially novelty socks, is a no brainer.