Men's & Women's Sock Sizing Guide


At boldSOCKS, we believe in offering a wide range of sock sizes to try to accommodate anyone and everyone that wants to be bold by wearing fun, colorful socks. We understand sizing, especially in socks, can be confusing for customers. So, to avoid confusion, we list the approximate fit of the socks based on shoe sizes (not sock sizes) on every product page.

Sock Sizing

In the sock industry, manufacturers use a different metric than shoe size to specify the size and length of the socks. The sock size listed on the packaging (unless otherwise specified) is the length of the foot in inches, not the shoe size. So, a men’s 10-13 sock size will typically fit U.S. men's shoe sizes 8-12. Likewise, a women's 9-11 sock will typically fit U.S. women's shoe sizes 5-10. If you are looking to convert shoe sizes to sock sizes or Euro sizes, we've provided a helpful chart below:

Women's Conversion to Sock Sizes and Euro Sizes
4 8.25 35
5 8.5 36
6 8.75 37
7 9.25 38
8 9.5 39
9 9.75 40
10 10.25 41-42
11 10.5 43
12 10.75 44
13 11 45
Men's Conversion to Sock Sizes and Euro Sizes
7 9.5 40
8 10 41
9 10.25 42
10 10.5 43/44
11 11 44
12 11.25 46
13 11.5 47
14 12 48
15 12.25 49
16 12.5 50

Disclaimer: If the manufacturer lists a sock size, the shoe size may not line up perfectly with the conversion chart. The sizes of socks can vary due to several factors including material blend (contents), needle count, sock form (ironing template), style, distance between the heal and toe, etc. For each brand, we've tried to convert the sock size to a shoe size based on these variables. If you have any questions or feedback about the sizing, please let us know.

Unisex Sizing & Sizing Overlap

We are frequently asked if socks are intended to be unisex. The answer is both yes and no. Because socks range in sizes, there is an overlap between a kid's sock and a women's sock and a women's sock and a men's sock. For this reason, women that have smaller feet could fit in kid's socks and women that have larger feet could fit in men's socks. Men's socks, especially the fun socks with great designs, don't have to be exclusively for men, and women's socks, especially the bold socks with awesome patterns, don't have to be exclusive for women. We've created a helpful chart below to help explain these unisex overlap areas:

View Sock Size Overlap Guide

Kids sizes vary greatly by manufacturer. For this reason, we've provided age ranges as well as shoes sizes on every product page. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about kid's sock sizing.