Custom Socks

Lowest Minimums

No Minimums on Custom Print and the Lowest Minimums on Custom Knit

Example of Custom Knit Sock Machine

The Old Way

We get it. Not everyone wants to order 500+ pairs of socks.

The problem is, most manufacturers and retailers don’t want to spend the time and effort customizing lower quantities of socks. For custom knit socks, it means setup time and downtime that the sock machines aren’t getting used. For custom print, it means designing a unique sock with every print.

The New Way for Custom Knit Dress Socks and Performance Socks

We aren’t your normal retailer though. We are bold. So we offer the lowest quantities of custom knit dress socks, athletic socks, face socks, photo socks and monogrammed socks.

Order as few as 6 pairs of custom knit socks. You read that right: 6 pairs. That means designing a custom sock, engineering the design file, pulling out all the previous yarns from the machine and loading the new yarns, sampling the sock and eventually manufacturing the socks. All for 6 pairs.

If you need more than 6 pairs, we’ve got tiered pricing to pass on the savings to you for keeping our machines busy. If you can justify some additional pairs, whether you want to make them a gift or give out to your employees, why not benefit from lower pricing.

Our goal is to open up the possibilities of custom socks. If you want a unique design for your groomsmen, order fun custom socks perfectly tailored to your wedding. If you need socks for an event, trade show or just some fun company swag with your logo on it, order as many pairs as you need in sizes like kids’, women’s, men’s and men’s extra large. In addition, all lower quantities of socks are manufactured here in the USA. It is a win win for everyone.

The point is, minimums shouldn’t be an issue for you. We’ve taken away the biggest barrier for most people looking to create custom knit socks.

What About for Custom Print?

Custom print socks are no different. Well, slightly different. Slightly better, actually. There are no minimums for custom print socks. Customize as many or as few socks as you’d like with as many or as few faces, monograms or whatever else you want to print on a sock.

You can put your mom’s face on Momma Lisa for Mother’s Day and your Dad’s Face on the Dollar Bill for Father’s Day. Looking for a wedding gift favor, you can put your groomsmen on each sock with your crew name. It is fun, easy, and completely one-of-a-kind. And in case you missed it, we literally mean one-of-a-kind. You only need to print one pair so it is completely unique to you. No one else in the world would have that same sock. OK, we’re done proving our point that we have the lowest minimums.