June Color of the Month 2017

It is no secret that we try to pick colors that match the trends and the natural elements of the season. For June, you have both with turquoise. It is the vibrant shade of ocean water and a great color for summer. Turquoise Navy Argyle Men’s Dress Socks – Statement Sockwear // Turquoise Plaid Men’s Dress Socks […]

Peach Argyle Customized Groomsmen Dress Socks

Looking for a way to customize your wedding? We are now customizing our most popular wedding colors with wedding dates, wedding text and monograms. Give your groomsmen in your wedding a gift they will never forget that will always remind them of your big wedding day. Shop these custom peach argyle socks and more.

Pink and Navy Groomsmen Wedding Socks

A pink and navy wedding theme is not only one of the trendiest palettes, it is one of the best coordinated as well. The subtle hues of petal pink and flamingo pink make the contrast of the navy pop. Put the two pink colors with the heathered navy blue in the socks and the results […]


Every day, somewhere out there, there is a man who spoils an otherwise decent outfit with the wrong pair of dress socks. Does it sound like I’m exaggerating? Well, I’m not! Your socks really do make a big difference in your approach. Allow me to elaborate. If you saw a man dressed in a sharp, […]


Spring is the best time to introduce bright colors, especially in socks. With summer right around the corner and everything turning up peach, give one or all three peach argyle socks a try this May. Papaya Orange Peach Argyle Wedding Groomsmen Men’s Dress Socks – Statement Sockwear // Peach Gray Argyle Wedding Groomsmen Men’s Dress Socks – […]


With pastel colors all around, we’re diving into one of our favorite accent colors for April: Capri Blue. Capri is a light, airy shade of blue that exemplifies the excitement of spring and gives your feet a jump start.


It’s finally time to ditch the subtle tones of winter and make the switch to the vibrant, bright tones of spring. This month, our three royal purple socks will provide sophisticated style for the new season. Purple Plaid Men’s Dress Socks – Statement Sockwear // Purple Stripe Men’s Dress Socks – Statement Sockwear // Purple Grey Houndstooth Men’s Dress […]


When we pick our Color of the Month, it is not a subjective preference. We monitor fashion trends and shows to identify the trendiest colors. This month is no different. Aurora Red is a color featured in Pantone for its vibrant yet warm hue of red. We love everything about this variation of red.  Blue […]

January 2017 Color of the Month

With New Year’s parties and black tie events, we have historically showcased some of our best black and white dress sock options during the month of January. After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up every once in a while in a suit or tuxedo with some fun socks? We are trying something a bit different […]

Navy and Red Checkered Groomsmen Socks

As the colors change outside, winter weddings offer an opportunity to introduce vibrant, rich colors into the bride and groom’s wedding palette. Consider strong, dark colors like navy and red to add color and bring out the beauty of this season’s weddings. Plus, navy suits and tuxedos are quickly replacing traditional black and grey options so there […]

November Color of the Month 2016

When researching sock and color trends, we sometimes get pretty excited about upcoming Color of the Month posts. The November color of the month, mustard yellow, was no exception. If you haven’t seen it, mustard yellow is making a triumphant return to fashion this fall. In fact, it was featured in the Pantone Fall Color […]

October 2016 Color of the Month

October is one of the most beautiful months of the year. Leaves change colors to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red and maintain a backdrop of deep greens in the grass and pine trees. It is hard not to be inspired by the colors of autumn. So, this month, filled with inspiration, we are […]

Yellow and Grey Groomsmen Wedding Socks

A yellow and grey wedding is a bright and colorful wedding palette that perfectly embodies the mood and atmosphere of a summer wedding day: happy. Perhaps one of the biggest moments in one’s life, a wedding is a ceremony uniting the bride and groom and announcing their love for one another in front of friends and family. […]

September 2016 Color of the Month

September is a month to get back into dress socks after a summer of hot weather and flip flops. Making the transition is not always easy so we have put together three pairs of bold, blue socks that will make you excited to put on your shoes and socks in the morning. Our Color of […]

August 2016 Color of the Month

Some colors are great for spring and summer, others for fall and winter. Some colors are even better during certain times of each season. This month’s featured sock color, fiesta red, is perfect for the hottest times of the year. Like a spicy red pepper or scorching hot charcoals, fiesta red is a blend of red and orange […]

July 2016 Color of the Month

We are settling into summer and loving the rich, bright colors of the season. Everywhere we turn, we are inspired by hues and tones that are in abundance outside. Now is a great time to branch out of your comfort zone a bit to try colors only seen during the warm, summer months. For July, our […]

Black and White Polka Dot Groomsmen Socks

There is an elegance and charm to a simple, black and white wedding. With the grandeur of a black tie event and the simplicity of a refined color palette, the smallest black and white details in wedding attire create an unforgettable allure to your wedding. The groomsmen look clean and sophisticated in two simple tones […]

Orchid Purple Groomsmen Socks

Orchid purple is a beautiful, soft wedding color that looks as sharp on the groomsmen as it does on the bridesmaids. With flowers in full bloom and the grass and trees creating rich shades of green, the subtleties of lighter shades of purple like iris and orchid create a perfect pop of color for summer weddings. We […]

Multi Colored Solid Groomsmen Socks

With over 30 solid colors to choose from, we have your perfect match for fun, colorful, summer weddings. Consider using a unique color for each groomsmen/bridesmaid pair or simplify it with one uniform color for the entire wedding party. Blake and Emily decided to boldly dress their groomsmen in bowties and matching socks that perfectly coordinated with their unique […]

June 2016 Color of the Month

We have been selling fun, colorful socks for over five years now. Each passing year, we see new designs, patterns, brands, and color combinations that make our job especially exciting. One reflection we have had, year after year, is that our customers love blue socks: blue with yellow, blue with orange, blue with green, blue […]

May 2016 Color of the Month

We admire those that fearlessly approach style with the brightest colors and boldest patterns. For those people, we have a line of the ‘Boldest’ socks. If you aren’t quite that person, we have a line of ‘Bolder’ socks that perfectly accents subtler tones with colors that pop like buttercup yellow. Buttercup was recently featured by […]

April 2016 Color of the Month

Trying to figure out the perfect colors to add to your spring wardrobe? We have bright options, including peach, which was recently featured by both Pantone and InStyle as a top 10 color for spring 2016. If you haven’t seen it already, brands are using peach in dress shirts, ties and even pants. We have argyle, […]

Apple Red and Navy Groomsmen Socks

Winter weddings can be wonderful with the snow falling outside, elegant long dresses, hot cocoa bars at the reception, and a dance party that truly begins when the sun goes down. With a lot of whites and grays outside, however, it is imperative to add some deep, vibrant colors to the wedding party. Apple red is […]

Wisteria and Radiant Orchid (Iris) Groomsmen Socks

Wisteria and radiant orchid (iris) are beautiful wedding colors and look great in bridesmaid dress, but they also provide a great accent in the guys’ socks. If you have purple in your wedding, these wisteria and iris socks are a great way to bring subtle, purple wedding tones out. Not only will your groom and groomsmen look […]

Blue and Green Groomsmen Socks

A wedding should be a great representation of the personality and values of the bride and groom. If you and your wedding party have bold, fun personalities, consider giving the perfect wedding party favor of awesome socks. These blue and green socks are perfect for spring and summer weddings and for adding a splash of color to […]

Golden Yellow Argyle Groomsmen Socks

Yellow is a brilliant spring and summer wedding color. The bright golden tones accent perfectly with more subtle accents like ivory and gray giving your wedding an open, airy feel that guests are sure to remember. Don’t forget to incorporate the proper details for your wedding party like yellow and gray groomsmen socks. A great match […]

March 2016 Color of the Month

As spring approaches, lighten up your wardrobe with on-trend colors that subtly state, “I care about how I dress.” Serenity blue, like cornflower blue, is not a loud, in-your-face color, but it coordinates well with most outfits and still provides a nice flash of color in your socks. Blues are easy to complement and go with most […]

February 2016 Color of the Month

There are few colors bolder than red, especially in socks. Although it is guaranteed to catch some eyes, it is also a very classy color that can be paired with both casual and dressy wardrobes. If you are looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift or just looking to step up your sock game, look […]

January 2016 Color of the Month

Add some color and vibrancy this January, but do it subtilely by pairing a grey color like charcoal to daisy or sunbeam yellow. We believe in the boldest socks, but every once in a while it is OK to mix a pretty bland color with one that is sure to brighten up everyones’ day. After […]

December Color of the Month

Take your sock game to the next level with navy blue socks. Whether you are shopping for socks for yourself or someone else, navy blue socks are perfect for the holiday season. We have navy blue in just about every pattern and color combination making fashion and style easy. May your steps be bold this […]

November Color of the Month

As the pumpkins head for the compost pile, the color orange lives on with some of the most stylish men’s dress socks in a wide variety of patterns and color combinations. With such a powerful color like tangerine orange, the secondary colors of the socks become important elements for just how bold you would like […]

October Color of the Month

Every October, we are reminded of the hundreds of thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer each year but also of the more than 2.8 million survivors. It is believed, largely in part because of early detection and increased awareness, as well as improved treatment, that death rates continue to fall. That is why October is a month not only dedicated […]

September Color of the Month

Welcome fall with a nice combination of yellow and purple socks from one of the most popular sock brands around: Happy Socks. Recently, the term “power socks” has been used to describe socks that grab attention with bold colors and patterns. With crazy designs like paisley and contemporary colors like purple and yellow, this month’s mini collection […]

Blue and Gray Groomsmen Wedding Socks

The saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” is both a superstition and tradition. It summarizes the past and present and the hope for borrowed good fortune in the future. “Something Blue” in the rhyme symbolizes a bit more: fidelity and love. Blue is a popular wedding color rooted in deep tradition and meaning, but there […]

August Color of the Month

We are in our final month of the summer and if you haven’t yet indulged on one of our three blue color of the months, now is the time. Orange and blue are an incredible sock combination and with options in stacked, polka dot, and stripes, you are sure to have the boldest, brightest socks […]

Coral and Gray Wedding Ideas Featuring Coral Men’s Dress Socks

A coral and gray wedding theme provides subtlety, simplicity, and beauty with a light contrast that is perfect for summer. Coral continues to be one of the signature wedding colors of the year, but more couples are finding ways to make their special day unique. For example, consider dressing the groomsmen in a slim fit, […]

July Color of the Month

Navy blue socks are a great mid-summer classic. With fashion trends turning to blue this summer, it is easy to find a great option to pair with your new navy blue socks. Plus, navy blue helps other colors in sock patterns like argyle and checkered really stand out. For example, the navy blue and orange […]

Wisteria Purple Wedding Ideas

If you have a wedding with a blues and purples, this sock is a sure thing. Every guy will look classy in purple argyle as the socks coordinate with an array of flowers and bridesmaid dresses. The socks are a great match to wisteria purple and radiant orchid, but with the subtle variation of tones, just […]

June Color of the Month

Fashion is constantly changing, and socks are no different, but one color that has been a mainstay the past few years is blue, specifically cornflower blue. Cornflower blue socks complement a variety of other colors, making it easy to pair pants and shoes with some of the boldest, most colorful socks around. Whether you are conservative with […]

Coral and Navy Wedding Ideas

Spring and summer weddings are upon us, and once again, coral is the trendiest color of the year for wedding socks. With an accent of navy and burlap woven into the coral argyle pattern, this Statement Sockwear pair of socks is selling faster than we can keep inventory available. While it is still available, get […]

May Color of the Month

Break out of your old sock habits and get into a pair of socks for the month of May that are bright, bold and in season. After all, with the renewed sunshine and warmer temps, you need a sock that is versatile for your spring wardrobe. Step into daisy yellow and you will be able […]

April Color of the Month

Spring into warmth with the April color of the month. Known as a sultry and subtle hue, apple red provides versatility for almost all your spring attire. With the ability to complement blues, yellows, grays, tans and even purples, apple red socks provide the perfect connector between your pants and shoes. Our colorful Statement Sockwear collection […]

Welcome to the new boldSOCKS

On behalf of the boldSOCKS team, welcome to our bold new site. For the past year, we have been gathering feedback, compiling data, and researching technological improvements with the hopes of providing you with the best possible experience. We believe visiting a website is about a lot more than just purchasing a product. As sites […]

Coral Wedding Ideas Featuring Coral Men’s Dress Socks

Coral, undoubtedly, is one of the most brilliant, trending colors for weddings. Versatile for both spring and summer, coral complements a variety of men’s tuxedos colors making it a great accent for groomsmen looking to add a little pop to their step. Plus, if you are having a difficult time finding the perfect bridal party […]

March Color of the Month

Spring is here! With longer, sunnier days upon us, consider putting those dark clothes away and bringing out the fresh colors of spring. Lime green is the perfect choice for the month of March. It complements almost every dark shade of pants and shoes and adds great color to your outfit.  

February Color of the Month

Petal pink is not the easiest sock color to add into a wardrobe, but when done effectively, it is the perfect blend of subtlety and style. Fall in love with something new this Valentine’s Day. Give petal pink a try.