boldSOCKS Company Story

Our Story

It began when one man stomped his foot down on his co-worker’s desk and demanded, “check out these socks”. That man was co-founder Adam Whitmore. The desk belonged to co-founder and owner Ryan Preisner.

They started to wonder – why had they always worn boring socks? Why had they never questioned the status quo? How would they ever lead lives of boldness if each step was led by feet clothed with a lack of creativity and inspiration?

They would vow to never again wear boring socks. Instead, they will forever clothe their feet in the boldest of fashions and each step will be bolder than the ones that were made before it.

We all have large shoes to fill as we shape our world for the generations to come. We can answer with confidence when someone asks us how we will fill such big shoes – “We intend to fill those shoes with boldSOCKS.”

boldSOCKS Mission and Values

Our Mission

For us, socks started as a hobby, but when we realized many people shared the same enthusiasm to break the status quo, it became our mission to provide the best resources for sophisticated, bold patterned socks on the internet.

  • Beyond providing amazing socks, we hope to
  • Bring glory to God with our business, our time and our resources
  • Provide sustainable funding to organizations making a difference in this world
  • Share in the expressive creativity inherent with socks and never wear boring socks again
  • Engage with our customers and provide a boutique shopping experience
  • Never sacrifice quality for profit or margin
  • Have fun selling socks