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We are here to disrupt the norm: to create a trustworthy and transparent space that shines a light on manufacturing facilities, ethical practices and company giveback programs. Together, we are a community of bold difference makers that value more than just fun socks. Our passion is igniting a movement to put humanity back in fashion by curating only the best brands that value people over profits. Will you be bold enough to join us?


Our vision is simple — we want to make an impact on the world by being the very best curators of bold: bold designs, bold impact, bold ethics and bold lives. We plan to help spark a movement of customer conscientiousness and create a community of people who care about how their purchases will impact the lives of countless individuals across the globe. We will also encourage other businesses to view their platform as we do — a chance to relentlessly create a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Our hope, over the next year, is to create a transparent online shopping experience. We will attempt to bring previously unknown information to light so that every customer can fully understand the ethical and social implications of purchasing socks on our site. We understand we don’t have all the answers and that moving towards greater impact in the world will create challenges, but we ask for your patience and commitment to the greater good.


It’s not just about the socks. You’re here because you live passionately, ethically and boldly. We are here to help. We’ve vetted each item on this site based on three main criteria to bring transparency to you and boldly blaze a trail of positive change with each purchase.

  • Bold quality.

    • We’ve examined the fine details of the quality and designs on every sock and have made it easy for you to wear the best and boldest. We’ve vetted the brands we carry based on factors such as material, design innovation, intricacy and uniqueness.
  • Bold impact.

    • We want the socks that we carry to make a positive impact on the world. We have identified the social and environmental initiatives of our vendors and have made that information easily accessible on each of the products we carry.
  • Bold ethics.

    • We believe that living boldly means taking every chance we get to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to be treated fairly and create a meaningful life for themselves. Our goal is to remove any gray area and clearly depict where and how each sock is produced. We use the 12 Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Principles as a guideline and framework to assess the manufacturing practices of our vendors.